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Ready Player One contest Third Gate

Ready Player One Contest Third Gate description

Want to clear the Third Gate in the Ready Player One contest? All you have to do is set a world record on one of four classic coin-op arcade games. On one of the actual cabinets. No emulators. And videotape the whole process to be verified through Twin Galaxies and the Ready Player One contest judges. And send four separate emails. That’s it!

Now, I’m not naive enough to have expected they’d make it easy to clear the Third Gate. They’re giving away a car, after all, so I knew it would be challenging. But I find this way too unachievable. To be true to the spirit of the book, I feel like all the gates should be things that anybody with access to the internet would be able to attempt. Sure, make the Third Gate super difficult to clear, but at least give every gunter logging onto the Third Gate URL the ability to step through the gate and give it a go the moment that gate opened (that moment being ten minutes ago).

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