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February 13, 2014 • Episode, Games • 59 minutes • Comments (3)

Episode 87: Text adventures

Will Hines joins Jen to talk about text adventures, which are also known as interactive fiction. From formative classics like Zork, to the modern renaissance of the genre, there are countless amazing stories and fiendish puzzles to be experienced by anyone willing to invest the time to figure out the right commands to get past the first few screens. LISTEN PODCAST to hear about some great games, plus what it’s like to create one!

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Show notes:

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3 Responses to Episode 87: Text adventures

  1. Jason Scott says:

    GET LAMP isn’t available on Netflix because Netflix sucks for the filmmaker. I’m quite fine with people seeing it other ways.

    • jenkrueger says:

      Cool, good to know it’s okay to have pointed people to the Google talk! Though I enjoyed the film so much that I linked to your site since I think people should definitely buy it, like I will. :) Thanks for listening to the episode!

  2. Will Hines says:

    Thank you again Jen!

    Loved Get Lamp, I should have been more enthused in this episode. Also should have talked about Emily Short, who is the one of if not the main genius behind Inform 7.

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