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December 19, 2013 • Books, Comedy, Comics, Episode, Games, Movies, Trends, TV, Video games • 1 hour 17 minutes • Comments (0)

Episode 81: 2013 year in review

This week Sarah Claspell and Dan Lippert join Jen for a two-segment episode to take a look back at the things in 2013 they were happy to see get big, were surprised to see get big, and thought would get big but didn’t. They also take a look at what they hope will be big in 2014, from already established things they’d like to see grow, to new releases they hope will find success in the new year. Books, movies, TV, games, music, and social trends are all under the lens in this year in review!

And whether you found PrePopCulture in 2013 or have been listening from the beginning, thank you for tuning in! New episodes will return on 1/9/14.

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