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Episode 8: Long form improv, with Neil Campbell

Last Day of School on UCB LA's website

In the first installment of a two-part series on improv, Jen talks with guest Neil Campbell (Artistic Director, Upright Citizens Brigade Los Angeles) about long form improv. They discuss why it’s lesser known than short form improv, and whether or not it ever could (or should) be more broadly consumed. And because they’re both improv nerds, they get into some of the nitty gritty about performing long form as well. But odds are if you’re listening to this, you’re an improv nerd too, so yes, and this episode by tuning in next week for part 2, indie improv with Casey Feigh (Crashbar) and Nick Mandernach (Room 101). And if you’ve got any questions for them about improv, email!

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Show notes:

You can find Neil on Twitter

The Birthday Boys

Comedy Bang Bang

Gravid Water

A Kiss From Daddy

Last Day of School: The Txt Msg Show

Upright Citizens Brigade

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  1. [...] For the first part of the series, check out Episode 8: Long form improv, with Neil Campbell. [...]

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