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September 5, 2013 • Comedy, Episode, Podcasts • 55 minutes • Comments (0)

Episode 67: Giving it away for free

Mark David Christenson joins Jen to talk about creative labors of love that are given away for free. From the indie improv show they host together, to their individual podcasts, to their respective paths in acting and writing, Dave and Jen are no strangers to doing something they love without a direct agenda other than the love of the craft. But how does giving something away for free affect other people’s perception of the product and creator? What really defines a labor of love? And how many times can Dave say “butthurt” without Jen giggling at it?

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Show notes:

Follow Dave on Twitter and see his Harold team Mister Town City at UCB LA.

Check out Dave’s podcast One Photo Reviews

Our indie improv show, The Manifesto Show, Fridays at 8pm at the Clubhouse in LA.

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