1930s Kodak camera and iPhone

August 22, 2013 • Art, Episode, Trends • 1 hour 12 minutes • Comments (0)

Episode 65: Modern photography

Professional photographers Clay Larsen and Jon Mackey join Jen to talk about today’s perceptions of photography. From the way technology and Instagram have affected how people view their own ability to take photos, to what now defines photojournalism, to the sometimes diluted definition of a “good” or “artistic” photo, the medium is at a much different place than it was even ten years ago. But no matter what lens you view it through, one thing is indisputable: don’t have your friend take your headshot for free.

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Show notes:

Follow Clay and Jon on Twitter and check out their photography at and You can also check out Clay’s indie improv show Shapeshift and his UCB Beta team Muddleberry, and see Jon on Harold team Winslow at Upright Citizens Brigade on Monday nights.


Check out SunTimes/DarkTimes to see comparisons of photos from the Chicago Sun-Times (a paper with no photojournalists) and the Chicago Tribune (a paper still employing photojournalists).

Photographer Ian Ruhter

The Public School collective in Austin

And if you’re in LA, check out the Annenberg Space for Photography for great photo exhibits.

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