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Episode 6: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. . . Holmes?

BBC dramas Jekyll and Sherlock

In this episode, Jen and her guest, writer James Mulholland, talk Jekyll and Sherlock, two modernized versions of classic literature by the same showrunner, Steven Moffat. From skillful updating to delightfully devious baddies, these shows have a lot in common but significantly different audiences, for which Jen and James try to puzzle out an explanation. They also discuss the last three trailers they saw, plus Jen shares an old vocabulary lesson that teaches James the French word for “bedroom.”

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Show notes:

Episodes on Showtime

Jared Harris has done a lot of stuff

Jekyll on IMDb and on Netflix

The Mountain Goats

Shadow Show on Amazon

Sherlock series 1 and series 2 on iTunes and on BBC

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2 Responses to Episode 6: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. . . Holmes?

  1. Lawrence says:

    I totally agree with you guys about “Elementary” being a “Let’s jump on this bandwagon” show, but in regards to the openness of an American network to the possibility of doing a modern-day Sherlock Holmes show BEFORE the success of Sherlock: I just want to point out that “House” is essentially that. Dr. House was very much based on Sherlock Holmes–an enigmatic mystery-solver who’s a drug addict and a sociopath–so you gotta give kudos to FOX for picking up on that years ago and running with it; and it certainly paid off for them.

    Excellent episode to you both! I’ve actually not seen “Jekyll” yet, but you’ve convinced me to watch it!
    Keep it up!

    • jenkrueger says:

      Glad you liked the episode and are going to try Jekyll! Let me know what you think of it! And that’s a really interesting point about House. I always thought of that show as a product of the popularity of procedurals, and Fox just figuring out a way to make a medical one a little different than the other medical shows on the air, but now that you pointed out the comparison, I see what you mean. If they were specifically drawing on a Sherlockian persona for House, I wonder if they ever considered being more direct in the comparison, or if that “in the spirit of” approach for the protagonist was as far as they were willing to go in terms of referencing a classic.

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