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June 27, 2013 • Comics, Episode, TV • 57 minutes • Comments (1)

Episode 57: Katie Rice and Strip Search

Cartoonist Katie Rice joins Jen to talk about her comics Skadi and Camp Weedonwantcha, as well as her time on Strip Search, the web comic artist reality competition produced by Penny Arcade! Katie shares the genesis of her barbarian heroine Skadi along with what it was like to work as a storyboard artist while maintaining a web comic, and talks about her experiences as part of Strip Search from auditioning all the way to developing Camp Weedonwantcha for the win. Katie also drops some cool behind the scenes tidbits, including details on an elimination comic that almost was…

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Show notes:

Follow Katie on Twitter and check out her comics Skadi and Camp Weedonwantcha!

And if you missed the promo video for this episode, check out Katie and Jen going head-to-head Strip Search elimination style!

Strip Search

Penny Arcade

Abby’s Kickstarter for The Last Halloween and Lexxy’s already Kickfunded project The Cloud Factory

Ricky Garduno’s Nightmare Theatre

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One Response to Episode 57: Katie Rice and Strip Search

  1. Uncle Vinny says:

    Katie is the mellowest, nicest world-beatin’ skull-crusher ever!

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