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Episode 52: One year anniversary!

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It’s hard to believe this podcast has been going on for a year! Jen takes the anniversary as an opportunity to give some updates on topics from previous episodes and share some unaired clips. Plus she tells you where to find some fun promo videos for the podcast, because she’s been doing them for a little while but hasn’t mentioned them on the show itself. And who wouldn’t want to watch a couple throw marshmallows at bowls tied to each other’s heads in a living room replica of Double Dare?

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Show notes:

You can follow PrePopCulture and Jen on Twitter and find the PrePopCulture video promos on YouTube.

Check out JJ Abrams’ TED talk on his Mystery Box and his discussion of Star Trek on the Daily Show, plus Damon Lindelof telling Grantland about the Dark Tower optioning process

Check Arrested Development’s official Twitter to find Bluth’s Original Frozen Bananas

The East

Eternal Darkness sequel kickstarter

Come to the LA Indie Improv Festival on May 25!

Locke & Key

Michael Moorcock’s advice on writing a book in three days

Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars filibuster

Check out Out of Print and its YouTube channel

Steampunk Legos

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2 Responses to Episode 52: One year anniversary!

  1. Lawrence says:

    Great show! Re: Silicon Knights: The last episode of The Besties podcast (videogame podcast from went in-depth about why people are so skeptical about their kickstarter. I can’t explain it as well as they did, so I won’t even attempt to summarize, but if you’re interested, go check out the last episode of that podcast.

    Happy anniversary!! :)

    • jenkrueger says:

      Thanks, Lawrence! I’ll definitely check out that podcast. I’m getting increasingly fascinated by the nitty gritty of game development, plus I’m always looking for cool new podcasts to listen to. :)

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