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Episode 18: Alternate reality games

Various artifacts from the ARG Perplex City

This week, John Ford (Tournament of Nerds) joins Jen to discuss ARGs: alternate/augmented reality games. Whether existing as a self-sustaining enterprise or being used to promote a movie, show, or product, a good ARG will have players immersed in a fictional world that they can actually interact with through multiple media platforms as well as real-world components. These games often ask players to solve a mystery, and John and Jen have both fallen down rabbit holes trying to do just that.

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Show notes:

John’s not on Twitter but you can see him in Tournament of Nerds

The Beast (A.I. ARG)

Cloverfield ARG

The Dark Knight ARG

Flynn Lives (TRON Legacy ARG)

I Love Bees (Halo 2 ARG)

Lost ARGs

Perplex City and an album of Jen’s Perplex City artifacts

Weyland Industries (possible Prometheus ARG)

Year Zero (Nine Inch Nails ARG)

And if you’re looking for a comprehensive hub for ARGs, check out Unfiction

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