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Episode 12: Tournament of Nerds

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Ever wonder who would in a fight between Cthulu and the Swedish Chef? Or Mr. Spock versus Ren & Stimpy? Believe it or not, there’s a show that has the answer: Tournament of Nerds. Started as a live stage show in 2008, this monthly endeavor is now a part of The Nerdist Channel on YouTube, bringing the most bizarre character battles you never imagined to anyone with the internet. This week, Jen’s joined by two of the show’s nerds, James Ross (The 11th Hour Show) and Jonny Svarzbein (TNT) to discuss past battles, strategies for defending characters close to their hearts in nerd versus nerd debate, and what it was like bringing the live stage show to this year’s Comic-Con.

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Show notes:

Follow James and Jonny on Twitter, and check out their indie improv shows The 11th Hour Show and TNT.

Check out the Tournament of Nerds website, Facebook page, and the Nerdist YouTube channel to watch videos of past battles and vote in current brackets.

And go see Tournament of Nerds live at UCBLA!

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