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Episode 10: Adapting British comedies for the US

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Stephen C. James (The Sunday Social) joins Jen to discuss a myriad of attempts at brining UK sitcoms to the US. Whether it’s down to different styles of humor, level of adherence to the original, or simply the right or wrong actor taking over a role, few shows handle the transition as successfully as the one from Wernham Hogg to Dunder Mifflin. But that doesn’t mean an awful lot haven’t tried. Seriously. So many failed attempts.

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Show notes:

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Friday Night Dinner doesn’t air in the US and isn’t available here on DVD, but as of now you can watch the first series here on YouTube

The Inbetweeners

The IT Crowd

The Kids in the Hall on the Nerdist Channel

Peep Show

Really Awesome Improv Show

Red Dwarf

The Sunday Social

Tuskegee Experiment

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