June 21, 2012 • TV • • Comments (0)

Doctor Who monster escape!

A silent and a scarecrow at Queen Street station

The Doctor Who Experience is doing viral promotion by releasing some of their monsters in Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport. The BBC Media Centre has an article about the monsters breaking out of the experience that credits the escape of a Cyberman, Ood, Scarecrow, and Silent to a Dalek mastermind, and the Doctor Who Experience is asking fans that encounter the monsters to let them know about it by tweeting with #MonsterEscape. The Scarecrow and Silent pictured here were spotted at Queen Street station in Cardiff this morning.

I really dig this kind of promotion for Doctor Who and am simultaneously bummed and relieved not to be somewhere I might run into one of the monsters, since I’d be both psyched and scared if I saw one in real life. Particularly the Silent. At least there isn’t a Weeping Angel running around…

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