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Episode 27: Late to the Back to the Future party

Official posters for Back to the Future 1 and 2

Stephen C. James (The Sunday Social) and Scott Narver (Curtain Jerks) return to discuss another thing Jen was way behind the curve on: Back to the Future. Having watched the first and second movies in the franchise for the first time this week, Jen dug the way the movies use time travel, wasn’t as enthralled with the DeLorean as Stephen and Scott are, and noticed a particular (and slightly disturbing) similarity between these movies and Star Wars. Plus, Scott does an impression that’s one of the best things that’s ever happened on the podcast.

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Show notes:

Check out Stephen’s improv show The Sunday Social, plus his improv groups Tuskegee Experiment and Nerdvana at Second City LA’s Toys 4 Tots benefit show on December 7, as well as Scott’s podcast Curtain Jerks and YouTube show Scott Vs Box. You can also follow Stephen, Curtain Jerks, and Scott Vs Box on Twitter.

You surely don’t need a link to find a place to watch Back to the Future, so instead you can check out the 25th anniversary edition of the trilogy on DVD

Back to the Future TV cartoon

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2 Responses to Episode 27: Late to the Back to the Future party

  1. Dave says:

    FYI – BTTF Part II and Part III were filmed at the same time, so at the end of Part II, they DID show the previews of Part III.

  2. The clip of part three has always been connected to part two

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